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Restoration Painting
Seascape by James Peter Cost. Restoration on right half of oil painting by Shelley Cost.

Curtis and Shelley have been providing professional fine art conservation to valuable original oil paintings and murals in private spaces since 1989.  They have extensive experience of both minor and major conservation treatments including lining, re-stretching, cleaning, repair of torn canvas and re-varnishing oil paintings.  Paintings are restored with full recognition of the artists work and historical value.  Specializing in stabilizing paint, removal of surface dirt and discolored varnish.

One of the most common signs of age is a darkened or yellowed surface caused by accumulated grime or discolored varnish.  Varnish can become so discolored that it obscures the artist’s intended colors and the balance of lights and darks.  This can be removed by
a conservator.

Another common sign of age is cracking paint.  The structural components of a painting expand and contract in different ways as the surrounding temperature and humidity fluctuate.  If the painting has been stored in an area with a lot of humidity the paint may crack, curl, or loosen its attachment to the underlying layers. Paintings generally do well in environmental conditions that are comfortable for people.   Paint also cracks with age due to the painting technique of the artist and what medium used when painting.  Paint which is heavily cracked should be stabilized.

If your painting requires special attention or cleaning please contact our studio at 831.375.9477.  We are happy to answer questions about the safest means by which to conserve and restore your artwork.

Shelley A. Cost
Curtis S. Chaffee